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Considering the Size of Kitchen Cabinet and Drawers

According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, 12 inch wide kitchen cabinet is a standard size of non-custom kitchen cabinetry, increasing by 3-inch increments. However, if the standard size does not fit into your design, you can easily ask for custom kitchen cabinet and drawers from a cabinetmaker. Though the price for a custom work is generally higher, you can get a cabinet made to your exact specifications. The association recommends that kitchens with 150 square feet or less have at least 120 inches of cabinet. If the size of the kitchen is larger than 150 square feet, the size of the cabinet increases to 165 inches. Most kitchens have a variety of cabinet depths to provide different storage needs. It is suggested to evaluate your storage needs before choosing kitchen cabinet sizes to make sure you have adequate space.Kitchen cabinet is available in various styles and materials. Cheaper cabinet and drawers are often made of medium-density fiberboard or plywood. Some manuf


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