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Why Cancer Research is Important?

‘Why cancer research is important’ may be a question that is frequently asked. Many people may think that why cancer research is very important to do there is even a charity foundation that moves to help fund cancer research. Whereas, there are many other important things too can be attentive. As we know that cancer is a deadly and dangerous enough. Many deaths occur due to cancer. Cancer itself consists of many types. Moreover, not all types of cancer can be treated in order to get relief. With more and more cases of cancer that occurs in the world, doing research is one way to be able to provide a better life expectancy for cancer patients or society.Many people are preoccupied with the problem of cancer treatment. When a patient gets a diagnosis of cancer, it will attempt to find the best treatment solutions that allow them to obtain a cure. In fact, of course, plays an important role for the prevention can reduce the possibility of cancer. One of the efforts to prevent the ris


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