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Symptoms of Testicular Cancer in Male

Getting to know the symptoms of testicular cancer can increase the cure rate. But, many men fail to do so and get themselves being taken to the hospital when it gets late. Once the suspicious signs being seen, it is a must to see the doctor without delay. The further the stage is, the longer the recovery will be. Or on some cases, symptoms on advanced testicular cancer may potentially cause death.Here the symptoms of testicular cancer you have to know:• A lump is found in the testicles. It looks like swelling or getting larger which can be painful. The scrotum or lower abdomen may also feel heavy or achy. However, the same condition may not raise the significant pain on other men. That is why the early stage of testicular cancer can’t always be detected.• Can men’s breasts grow? It is possible when they are affected with the testicular cancer, though the cases are rare. The HCG release in high level by the certain germ cell tumor types promotes the breast growth. Or, some Leyd


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