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Types of Cancer Color Ribbons and How Is It to Wear It

Many types of cancer color ribbons are now established, apart of lavender that represent all cancer. With almost every types of cancer are now having it own color ribbon, it would be easier for people to express their awareness and support to particular type of cancer. It is also easier to hold campaign of particular cancer using specific cancer color ribbons of the cancer. The awareness and support is very important for people with cancer as well as people around them. It gives strength to fight the cancer and it also help in research funding. If such a simple thing could help, why do we not want to give a hand?Color ribbons for cancer type are started with the most popular color that is pink. The pink ribbon represents breast cancer. The other colors are including black for melanoma or skin cancer, gold for childhood cancer, dark blue for colon cancer, teal for ovarian cancer and grey for brain cancer. There are also emerald green for liver cancer, blue for prostate cancer, purple f


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