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Testicular Cancer Lump Picture Helps You Recognize the Cancer

Testicular cancer lump picture could help you recognize how the early symptom of testicular cancer is look like. A lump in testicle is the most common symptom of testicular cancer and become the key of early detection. Since cancer is somewhat frightening for men because it only occur on man and possibly deadly, understanding to disease will help to reduce the worry because the cure of this disease has been found. Sooner you find the disease, higher chance you will survive. Therefore, beware with the symptom, including looking to the picture of testicular lump to know how it looks like.Self-examination is recommended by doctors for all men in any age. Testicular cancer itself could happen at any age and peaks at the age between 15-35 with about 90% of testicular cancer case occurs at that age range. Self-examination could be done with one hand only. You can do it by rolling your thumb around the testicle one by one to feel whether there is a hard lump. Although hand only is enough, so


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