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Basic rules of interior design for some people are not important. But in fact, without them, the interior designer will get lost in some directions. So, what makes a house looks beautiful? Is it because the expensive furniture? Or the well-planned decorated ideas and implementations?You can say all of them play big roles in making a beautiful house. However, a house is for everyone, rich or not. So, let’s say that the basic rules of interior design must be well-adapted to all social classes.The Tips- Make odd number decorationIf you’re not familiar with the rule in photography where it says that odd numbers will create visual interest and harmony, you may try this for decorating your house. Place furniture in the odd numbers. Usually the easiest to do is by trying the rule of thirds. You can have different things or motives there. The most important is the sense of placing the furniture or decoration. It must have middle of 2 sides.- Make one focal pointIn easy way, you can thing


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