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Some Factors Affect Mesothelioma Survival Rates

Many people do not understand some of the factors that influence mesothelioma survival rates for each cancer patient. Approximately 40% of mesothelioma patients survive the first year after diagnosis. However, some factors seem to influence the survival rate at each of mesothelioma patients ranging in age, gender, stage of cancer, and more. In addition to the treatment process and treatment received by each patient also affects the survival rate owned. In this case, mesothelioma patients with different nutritional changes can also have different survival rates.Factors that Affect the Survival Rates of MesotheliomaMesothelioma Survival RatesMost people with a diagnosis of mesothelioma must want to know whether the illness could be cured, how the survival rate that is owned, or other things. It is very reasonable because after mesothelioma is one type of cancer is highly malignant and deadly. However, several factors affect the survival rates of mesothelioma in which it also provides di


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