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Don’t Be Afraid with Small Cell Lung Cancer Prognosis

Small cell lung cancer prognosis is always said to be poor. This is the reason why people who diagnosed with small cell lung cancer and the families always feel down and devastated. They think that they have been cursed to have a deadly disease like this. The families feel distress since they think they will lose they beloved one very soon. However, cancer prognosis is not always the same to all people, including small cell lung cancer. Although it is generally poor, the prognosis depends on many factors. A cure is not guaranteed but longer life and better life quality is still possible. Therefore, do not afraid and ask your physician about your condition and the things you need to do.Factors Affecting Small Cell Lung Cancer PrognosisSmall cell lung cancer is a malignant cells form in the tissue of lung. The cancer is aggressive that start in the lung and then spread to other places in the body. Stage of cancer is the main factor affecting small cell lung cancer prognosis. Early stage


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