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Tips to Maximize the Space in House Plans for Narrow Lots

House plans for narrow lots are increasingly wanted today. The increasing density of urban and the high costs of property become the common reasons. To make the house feels more spacious and cozy enough, learn some tips below.Build Covered Terrace or Sunroom and Vertical HouseThe additional covered yard will increase living space in your house without expanding the boundaries. On the other hand, maximizing the vertical space is a great idea used by city planners too. Build the house vertically and arrange comfortable living area inside. Be creative to use some stories. For example, position the garage and den in grass level and then place the main doors upstairs including the living area and kitchen. Meanwhile, the third story will be the place for bedrooms.Make More Interior WindowsMore interior windows will bring more natural lights into your home and it will make larger look. Install the interior windows with glass blocks for more privacy. Additionally, decrease the sums of dividin


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