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Tips to Make Small Cottage House Plans

Small cottage house plans are needed by those who want to build one for their family to spend holiday. Many people love to live in a cottage house since they look cozy, informal, unique, and woodsy. You know how it looks, right? What are the characteristics of a cottage house?A cottage house usually has:• a gable roof• a shingle roof• board and batten outside walls• stucco walls• a small porch• a bay window• a balconyA cottage house is usually like the one we see in children story books that is why it is interesting to live in. Nowadays, people usually use this kind of house in summer holiday. The location of the cottage house is usually by the beach or lake. If you want to make a cottage house plan, you will have to pay attention to these important things below:• In making plans you should know that the doors of cottage house, especially the front door is usually a screen door accompanied by a big window. The doors and the windows are usually in different color with t


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