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Cancer of the Spleen, Very Rare Cancer

Cancer of the spleen is very rare to occur in human. However, this kind of cancer needs attention because spleen is important organ and cancer in the spleen could grow into life threatening stage. Spleen is essential for drainage network of body. The main function of the spleen is to produce white blood cells to work against infection. Spleen is also essential in filtering abnormal blood cells from the stream of blood. Spleen contains lymphatic tissue and cancer that starts in spleen is lymphoma.Lymphoma that starts in spleen is very rare. Most time, cancer of the spleen is lymphoma that occurs elsewhere than invade spleen. One common type is leukemia. It starts in the bone marrow and spread to spleen. The other common types of cancer that spread and metastasize to spleen are lung cancers, liver cancers, stomach cancers, colon cancers, and pancreatic cancers. Although very rare, it could lead to complication and rupture of the spleen. When it occurs, immediate medical care is imperati


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