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Which Cancers Cause Weight Gain – People Are Wondering

Most cancer will cause lose weight symptom because the cancer eat up your energy. However, some cancer could cause weight gain in rare cases. Thus, people are wondering which cancers cause weight gain. This is something to be concerned because cancer is big problem and weight gain could add the problem. It is not only that weight gain is bad for your physical appearance, but also weight gain could lead to obesity that increase risk to serious medical conditions. If you already have cancer and you get another disease, the complication would be so much devastating.Although rare, some cancers are indeed causing weight gain. The most common cancer that causes weight gain is ovarian cancer. When women have ovarian cancer, the mass of the tumor, which already grow big will cause weight gain. The weight gain may also cause by constipation that commonly occur in ovarian cancer and build of fluid in the abdomen as the cancer grows. There are other answers to which cancers cause weight gain. Be


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