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Cancer of the Appendix – Rare but Dangerous

Cancer of the appendix is rare and you may think it is not so dangerous because appendix is a small pouch that the purpose in not known so the organ is not so vital to human. Living without an appendix is not a problem. However, appendix cancer is something that you could not neglect. Cancer is cancer, anyway. It is dangerous because it could spread to other organs and cause huge problems to your health. In the case of appendix cancer, sometime it is slow growing and sometime it is very aggressive. In bad cases, it could be life threatening.In the appendix, there could be a condition called pseudomyxoma peritonei. This is not a cancer but it could develop into a cancer. Hence, do not afraid but should be careful for possibility of cancer. Cancer of the appendix is classified into four primary types. The first one is slow growing and the most common called carcinoid, adenocarcinoid, and goblet cell appendix tumor. The second one is colonic-type adenocarcinoma, which occurs near colon.


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