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Cancer of the Vulva another Women Threat

Starting in the female external sex organ, cancer of the vulva is another threat to women. The location could be anywhere in the vulva and the surrounding area. It could occur at labia majora (the outer lips) and labia minora (the inner lips) as the two most common locations. Sometimes, the cancer starts in the perineum (the skin between vulva and anus). It may also involve clitoris and Bartholin’s glands. When it grows, it could spread wider even to distant organs.The vulva cancer that also called vulvar cancer could be life threatening when it develops to late stages. However, most cancer of the vulva forms slowly from abnormal cells in the vulva. The abnormal vulva cells are commonly a VIN or vulval intraepithelial neoplasia. It is not a cancer but it could develop into a cancer. Therefore, it is crucial to find abnormal cells early and treat it well so the forming of cancer cells could be prevented..Cancer of the Vulva, Symptoms and TreatmentsSymptoms of VIN that could grow into


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