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Why Cancer Research Is Important More Than National Boundaries

Cancer researches have been carrying out worldwide with scientists from all over the world are sharing information and helping each other to understand cancer more. It is unquestionable why cancer research is important more than national boundaries. Saving human life is much more important than any geographical conflicts and races war. White skin or black skin, blonde or brunette, no matter what, the whole world needs to work hand in hand to understand cancer more. Only with that, we will find a way to fight cancer.Why Cancer Research Is Important to Find Real SolutionCancer is very scary disease. It makes you agonize and take your live away. Unlike other disease, cancer is not one disease but hundreds of different diseases with distinctiveness and mystery of why it occurs, how it occurs, and how to deal with it. Until the very day, so many cancers are still unknown what the cause of it, who is high risk, and how to treat it. That is why cancer research is important. We need to know t


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