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Cancer of the Eye, Rare but could be Life Threatening

Cancer of the eye is among the rarest type of cancer. Several types of cancer could occur in the eye area and affect the eye but the most common type is ocular melanoma eye cancer. Melanoma is a cancer that developed from melanocytes, cells that responsible for the color of the skin. Melanoma is actually most common in the skin but it may occur in the eye. Although very rare, cancer that developed in eye area could spread to other part of the body. In serious case, it could spread to distant organs such as lungs or liver and could be life threatening. For that reason, eye cancer should be treated early to prevent spreading and complication.Risks, Symptoms, and Treatments of Cancer of the EyeDue to rareness of eye cancer, the cause is still unknown and only limited risk factors could be defined. The possible risk factor of eye melanoma is long time and excessive exposure to ultraviolet. The UV could be from sunlight, sunbed, or sunlamp. Several studies also found possible link between


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