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Cancer of the Liver, the Malignant Disease

Cancer of the liver is defined as uncontrollable grow of cells that invade liver and cause damages. Liver cancer is divided into two categories. The first category and general term of liver cancer is primary liver cancer when the cancers begin in the liver while the second is secondary cancer when the cancer begins elsewhere but spreading to the liver. Primary cancer is malignant tumor that consists of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), cholangiocarcinoma, and angiosarcoma. Primary liver cancer has lower incident than secondary liver cancer and occur more in men than in women.Liver cancer is like a silent killer because the symptom may not appear until the cancer grows and become advance. The common symptom of cancer of the liver are weakness, tiredness, weight loss, fever, pale bowel motions, yellowing skin and eyes, feeling sick, loss of appetite, severe pain of the abdomen, swelling of the upper right side of abdomen, and pain in the upper right side of abdomen. If you experience the


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