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Cancer of the Stomach, the Slow One

Among cancer types, cancer of the stomach is one of the slowest. Start on the inner lining of the stomach, the cancer cells grow into a tumor over many years. The disease is also called gastric cancer. The exact cause of cancer in stomach is unknown but few things that can raise the risk for this disease are known. Some of them are bacteria H. pylori infection, gastritis, polyps in the stomach, and long lasting anemia. The other risk factors are including obese, smoking, unhealthy diet, stomach surgery for an ulcer, exposure to asbestos, certain genes, type A blood, and virus Epstein-Barr infection.Stomach cancer is easiest to cure at early stage. In order to know the condition sooner, you need to know the common symptoms. The symptoms on early stage are including indigestion, heartburn, bloated after meal, loss of appetite, and nausea. If you often experience one or more of those symptoms, it is better to visit doctor. Symptoms that are more serious, when cancer of the stomach grows


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