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Cancer of the Spine, the Mysterious One

Cancer of the spine is the type of cancer, which the causes are largely unknown. Although scientists found that genetic conditions, may contribute the occurring of tumor in spinal column, they still not able to define most of the actual causes and risk factors of spinal cancer. Few risk factors defined are prior history of cancer (including the cancer may spreading to the spine), compromised immune system, hereditary disorders (including neurofibromatosis and Von Hippel-Lindau disease), and exposure to radiation or industrial chemicals.Symptoms of spinal cancer may not noticeable until the cancer grows to the late stage. It develops slowly for years. In different times, the symptoms develop very quickly even within days. The most noticeable symptom when tumor occurs and pushing nerve ending or causing instability in the spine is pain. The tumor may also push the spine and disturb the lining to cause posture change such as hunchback. When cancer of the spine grows strong until it press


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