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Brain Metastasis, Cancer Has Spread To Brain

Have you ever heard of metastasis? This is one of the medical terms, which means the spread, especially the spread of cancer cells in the body. Cancer cells in the body can make the distribution to the organ or tissue in the surrounding areas even reaching the brain. The cell of cancer has spread to the brain can cause brain metastasis. Brain metastases can occur up nearly 25% of the cancer spreading. The number of these events even exceeds the number of cancer that starts in the brain itself. Some types of cancer are often spread and become a brain metastasis is lung cancer and breast cancer. However, other types of cancer are also very likely to metastasize to the brain such as skin cancer and bone cancer.How Cancer Has Spread To BrainMany people may feel confused when given information by the examining doctor that the cancer has spread to the brain and he suffered other types of cancer. Patients with cancer who experience a brain metastasis or spread of cancer cells that reach the


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