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5 Types of Skin Cancer You Should Aware Of

There are several types of skin cancer that everyone should aware of. Most of the cause of skin cancer is from external factor such as direct exposure of UV rays could cause the development of cancerous cells in the body. Unhealthy skin treatment could cause some damages in the skin cells and this condition will affect the healthy cells and the worst case that could happen is cancer condition.5 Types of Skin CancerSo far there are five types that have been identified as skin cancer.1) Actinic Keratosis2) Basal Cell Carcinoma3) Melanoma4) Kaposi’s Sarcoma5) Squamous Cell CarcinomaThose are the 5 types of skin cancer. So, how could cancerous cells in the body growth? It is actually the first question that will cross your mind whenever cancer hit the topic. As mentioned above the direct exposure of UV ray may contribute in the development of cancerous cells but it is not the only factor. Immunity system and unhealthy lifestyle and diet also have big contribution in the development of c


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