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What is Breast Cancer: a Brief Explanation

This article would like to talk about what is breast cancer, the leading of health crises for most women who are living in the United States of America. Perhaps not much women is aware of the disease as they tend to ignore a fact that one of eight women could possibly diagnosed with breast cancer. Therefore, it is critical for women to learn much more about breast cancer. The cancer starts when the breast cells start to grow uncontrolled. At first the cells form a tumor which can be seen through an x-ray. That tumor becomes cancerous if it spread to other parts of the body or invade surrounding tissue.Understanding what is breast cancerWhen talking about breast cancer, people should learn that the cancer can begin in the ducts, a sort of pipe that carries milk to the nipple. However, the cancer may also start from different parts of the breast, as there was a case that shown the cancer which occur first in the glands that produce milk. What is breast cancer also involve other informat


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