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General and Specific Brain Tumor Symptoms in Women

Are there any difference between brain tumor symptoms in women and men? The answer is “no”. However, it is true that someone who is suspected of having brain tumor may experience certain signs or symptoms although any symptoms that are follow may be cause by other things like medical condition. When it comes to brain tumor, its symptoms can be specific or general. A general is mainly caused by the tumor itself, which give pressure to the spinal cord or brain. Furthermore, specific symptoms may also occur when a part of brain is not working perfectly due to the tumor.General Brain Tumor Symptoms in WomenSo, what are brain tumor symptoms in women? Let us start with general symptoms:1) Fatigue2) Vomiting or nausea3) Memory or personality changes4) Change in smell, vision, hearing, or sensation without losing consciousness5) Total/partial loss of consciousness6) Body functions that can’t be controlled7) Sore muscles, numbness, weakness, confusion, headache8) Multiple or single spasm


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